With over 400 schools across five continents under our management, you’ll benefit from all we’ve learned, and you’ll discover how our systems have evolved to meet the increasing challenges faced by today’s institutions.

Our flexible solutions integrate seamlessly with your institution’s current systems to provide single sign-on (SSO) convenience and enhanced security.

Our Story

The Reach story began one Thursday afternoon in October 2012 on a rugby field at Guildford Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia. Steve Montgomery went to assist Michael Holland to coach the Guildford Grammar 1st XV rugby team. Michael was the Head of Boarding for Guildford Grammar at the time.

Michael’s phone kept buzzing every few minutes with boarders trying to organize or confirm their upcoming weekend leave. It was clear that Michael, and likely many other Heads of Boarding across Australia, could benefit from a system that could change the way they do things.

With his experience building mobile apps for schools, Steve recognized immediately that we could craft a solution to completely automate the boarder leave process. What started out as a simple mobile app to manage leave rapidly morphed into a much more ambitious project.

The result is what you see today – a suite of comprehensive, multi-featured and advanced platforms which totally automate school and boarding house activities, improve communication, and provide easurable gains for efficiency and risk mitigation.

Our intimate knowledge and understanding of education and residential life at boarding/day schools partnered with decades of application development experience have made Reach the benchmark solution for student life management integration.

— Garry Jowett, Managing Partner

“Reach has completely revolutionized the manner, speed, and ease with which we are able to keep track of our students’ whereabouts.”

— Joe Harkins, Residential Dean, Georgetown Preparatory School (Maryland, USA)

“Reach has been integral in moving our school into the 21st Century with communication between our students, parents and our Dean’s Office.”

— Tom Lill, Director of Residential Life, TASIS (The American School in Switzerland)

“Reach is more than just a software platform – it is a tool for ensuring the best care for our students. The Reach team are true colleagues in providing exceptional service to our students and our families.”

— Jed Wartman, Dean of Students, Governor’s Academy (Massachusetts, USA)

Our Global Reach Team

A leading global solution needs a global presence, and that’s exactly what we have – the perfect dream team who provide a balance of real-word IT experience and inside knowledge of school community.

Garry Jowett
Director – Australia

Garry joined Reach back in 2011 during the early days of development. With twenty-five years business experience in product development from concept to commercialisation in multinational corporations and small business operations, Garry is navigating the path for Reach to become the global benchmark for school automation.

Bradley Gibby
Director – Research and Development

Bradley has 27 years in the IT Industry working in areas from Education, Health, Finance, Government and Corporate environments, and inside knowledge of the school community. Being able to see the “big picture” is what Bradley does best. Always able to provide a solution to issues that our clients run into, Bradley is primarily a Systems Architect, Engineer and Developer, leading our international team of Reach developers.

Brian Murray
Director – North America

Brian has brought to Reach his extensive experience in the US and Canada as a teacher and Director at boarding and day schools. With a Masters’ degree in Educational Leadership, he has combined his passion for education and technology to help create cutting-edge tools for greater efficiencies in our schools. Since 2014, Brian has spent his days at Reach driving new projects and keeping up with the forever-changing landscape of school culture.

Adam Bates
Director – Europe

Adam brings a thorough understanding of education with 20 years of delivering and supporting IT solutions, including software used in over 20 countries by 4 million teachers and learners. Adam is leading the team in Europe and is based in the UK.

James England
Director – Europe

James, an experienced teacher, brings to Reach his skills from 15 years of developing, implementing and supporting education technology products. James leads our technical team in Europe.

Nic Robichaud
Director – School Success, North America

Nic is positioned to understand what makes each school unique. With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education in his pocket, Nic has taught, coached, and been a dorm parent at day and boarding schools in the UK, Qatar and Canada since 2016. Nic works directly with Reach Schools to guide a best-practice approach to school-life.

Jayne A. Smith
Director – Business Operations, North America

Jayne brings a 25-year career in marketing and public relations, and Director of Admission for a number of day and international boarding schools. Extensive business experience globally and many years working with residential students and faculty has provided Jayne a great foundation to support a variety of aspects for the Reach community.

Lindsey Stapleton
Director – Support and Training

Lindsey brings 14-years of experience as a full-time dorm parent and educator in the US. Her tech-savvy nature led to five years of overseeing Reach support and implementation at her boarding school and now utilizing that expertise, she offers day to day expertise to numerous Reach schools.

Luke Gaynor
Senior Software Developer

Luke joined Reach in 2016 after graduating from Curtin University, Perth, Australia with a BSc, Computer Science. Luke manages many aspects of the software including the numerous data integration pieces. Whether it is wrangling data scripts, software architecture or kangaroos — he’s there!

Matt Johnson
Software Developer

Matt joined the Australian Team in 2017 upon receiving his BSc, Computer Science from Murdoch University in Perth. Matt brings expertise in development and customer relations as he has been providing support for Reach clients worldwide.

Evan Cox
Software Developer

Evan received his Bachelor of Computer Science from Acadia University where he excelled in game design. Since 2018, Evan has become a Reach Guru and brings both front and back-end development and is our data integrations expert. Evan works directly with school IT Offices to setup school portals and is a bug fixing master.

Harsh Tuwar
Software Developer

Harsh is a web and software developer with a passion for taking seemingly complex problems and forming unique solutions intended to serve and delight the Reach users. After graduating from Seneca College in Ontario with a diploma in Computer Programming, Harsh quickly got his feet wet in the web development world and joined the Reach Team in 2019 bringing a wide skillset consisting of front-end, web, back-end, and application development.

Richard Ludbey

Richard’s primary role is to help Reach to constantly improve the product support material and product quality testing.